WBFS Apiary Inspection Record (Created and revised Paul Green)

this is a test

For new beekeepers

Agriculture Victoria Registration as a Beekeeper

Code of Practice and national Bee Biosecurity Program

Apiary Code of Practice

Victorian Apiarists’ Association

Perm-apiculture: the natural beekeeping group

Australian Bee Keeping Network

Bee Friendly: A planting guide for European honeybees and Australian native pollinators (Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation)
Either purchase the book ($60) or download the pdf for free.

Planting to attract native and honeybees
Attract Bees v2

CFA Guidance for Beekeepers during Fire Danger Period and Total Fire Ban days

Useful sites and links

European Wasp Management (Paul Green)

Mead Melomel Methglin making basics (Kim Strong)

Bee genetics (Prof. J-P Scheerlinck)

What happens when you are stung by a bee (Prof. J-P Scheerlinck)

Beekeeping Basics: Equipment For Beginners (YouTube)

Beekeeping Basics: Getting Started (YouTube)

Beekeeping: Making a split – part 1 (YouTube)

Beekeeping: Making a split – part 2 (YouTube)

How to clean your frames of wax (YouTube FatBeeMan)

 Feeding honey bee colonies to prevent starvation (DEPI)

 Honey bee swarming

Extracting honey on the cheap (YouTube FatBeeMan)

List of crop plants pollinated by bees

Plans for the construction of a Warre roof for a Langstroth hive

David Heaf’s Warre Beekeeping pages

Nadiring Warre Beehives (YouTube)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Hints about smokers(Warwick Bone)

Start a small fire in the smoker with paper, I find pages of old Phone Directories to be best. Finally, a use for phone directories. Then add a small amount of fuel and keep building it up and cramming it in. You want cool smoke, hence the extra mass to cool things down as the smoke passes through. Pine needles burn hotter than bark, good for starting and then add bark. If you use all pine needles then add a wad of green grass on the top which will provide the cooling effect. As mentioned, if you need a smoker to burn for a loooooong time, a dried used corn cob in the centre of the smoker with the “smoke” fuel around it will do the trick. Practice practice practice. Please don’t use cardboard or hessian for smoke fuel due to the inherent chemicals.

See the Fat Bee Man on how to light your smoker (YouTube)

 Threats to Honey Bee Colonies

Know your nicotinoids


‘Native Bee B’n’B’ with Australia’s foremost native bee expert Dr Katja Hogendoorn and South Australia’s very own gardening megastar Sophie Thomson. Learn all about these brilliant bees and how you can build your very own native bee and bug hotel.
Recorded live on 22/2/18

Bee friendly plant guide which you can download free

Plant ideas for Melbourne

Aussie Bee & the Australian Native Bee Research Centre

Attracting bees to your garden

NSW DPI Native Bee Book

CSIRO A Guide to Native Bees of Australia, Terry Houston  ****Being released in August 2018, available for pre-order

Australian Pollinator Week

Australian Pollinator Count

Australian Bee Sightings

Atlas of Living Australia

Apis Mellifera in the Macedon Ranges

Apis Mellifera in the Macedon Ranges

Bee Friendly Planting Guide

Bee Friendly Planting Guide


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