Excellent turn-out at Introduction to Beekeeping course in March

Twenty-four members of the Woodend Bee-Friendly Society enjoyed the most recent Introduction to Beekeeping course conducted by our veteran beekeeper, Jim Sansom, on March 13 and 20 at the Woodend Community Centre. The course was intentionally theoretical, giving a good basis for the practicum on handling bees scheduled for October.

A heads-up for our next monthly meeting on April 15th, 3pm, at Woodend Neighbourhood House. Jim, Matty, and Matt will be covering the extremely important topic of packing down your hive for winter. Learn how to prepare best for enhancing your hives’ chances for surviving the cold, lean months.

Vale Bill Middleton

Bill and Woz intently discussing the finer aspects of natural beekeeping while Sally smiles on beatifically.

It is with a deep sadness and sense of loss that we hear the news that Bill Middleton passed away a few days ago after a short illness. Bill was a very much appreciated member of the Woodend Bee-Friendly Society and was very passionate about Warré and Kenyan bar hives. He will be remembered fondly for his good humour, enthusiasm, and practical workmanship (he was a very competent woodworker).

Our sincerest sympathies to his wife, Lyn, and other members of his family coping with their loss.

David Gormley-O’Brien, Emma Collins, and the WBFS leadership team.

Introduction to Beekeeping Course

Course is now full

Woodend Bee-Friendly Society is offering an Introduction to beekeeping course on Tuesdays 13th and 20th March, 7-9.30pm, at the Woodend Community Centre. The course will be taught by Jim Sansom, aided by some members of the WBFS leadership team.

The course will cover the basics of bee physiology and needs, and explore the various tasks that beekeepers must undertake to ensure that bees are healthy and flourish. There will be a practical counterpart to this course to be held in October.

The cost of the course is $20, payable on the first night, and is open to all members of the Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group. If you are not yet a member of the Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group you can register online (for $25 individual or $30 family per year) at https://www.z2systems.com/np/clients/mrsg/membershipJoin.jsp

If you were registered as a member last year you can renew your membership, if required, at https://www.z2systems.com/np/clients/mrsg/membershipRenew.jsp

Make sure that you click on Woodend Bee-Friendly Society in the list of action groups on the online form.

Once you are sure that you are registered as a member of MRSG please send an email to woodendbees@gmail.com with your full name and phone number notifying me of your intention to participate in the course.

The course will have a limited intake of 15 to 20 participants so it will be a case of first in; first served.

David Gormley-O’Brien

WBFS Bee-handling Course on October 15th


Session 1 11am – 12.30pm

1. 100 Dons Road, Newham

Instructor : Jim Sansom 0427 290 012

Participants :

Janet Barker

Kate MacRae

Jack Anticich

Fiona Benson

2. 294 Ashbourne Road, Woodend

Instructor : Samantha Rixon 0428 465 792

Participants :

Kerrie Ritchie and partner

Margaret Thornell

Shaun Brennecke

3. 16 O’Brien Crt, Woodend

Instructor: David Gormley-O’Brien 0408 578 032

Participants :

Chris Bessell

Wolfgang Merl

Ellie Martin

Alinta Bradley

4. 191 Millers Lane, Hesket

Instructor : Emma Collins 0431 994 362

Participants :

Roger Cameron

Robin Allen

Jane Elliott

Rebecca Montessori

Instructor : Paul Green 0437 751 120

Participants :

Adrian Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell

Candice Baker

Jennifer Clarke

Instructor : Nev Spiers 0417 117 151

Participants :

Menno Stassen

Matthew Kelcey

Tom Sparrey

Marion Swindon

Session 2  1.30pm – 3.00pm

1. 100 Dons Road, Newham

Instructor : Jim Sansom 0427 290 012

Participants :

Anthony De Fazio

Jann Griffin


Instructor : Samantha Rixon 0428 465 792

Participants :

Hinalei Johnston, partner and child

Tony Strupl

2. 56 Blackmore Road, Woodend

Instructor: David Gormley-O’Brien 0408 578 032

Participants :

Stephen Nangle

Vanessa Henderson

Ian Rennie

Sue Barker

Instructor : Nev Spiers 0417 117 151

Participants :

Pauline Gifford

Chay Granger

Phil Owen

Dez Schepers

3. 191 Millers Lane, Hesket

Instructor : Emma Collins 0431 994 362

Participants :

Christine Beck

Grant Beck

Peter Marshall

Alyce Babauskis

Instructor : Paul Green 0437 751 120

Participants :

Kerry Whyte

Gordon Whyte

Natalie Doran-Browne

Alex Carrel