Leadership Team

Leadership Team Roles and Responsibilities


Group Leader – Emma
Liaison with MRSG’s Action Group Co-ordinator

Ensuring all required dates are on track and met.

Ensuring that all responsibilities are carried out as planned.

Management of monthly/bi-monthly leadership team meetings.

Overall accountability for the group.

Contact person for Council, Press etc.


Finance – Sally

Management of monthly financials.

Liaison with MRSG for reporting of financials.

Paying of invoices, reimbursements via MRSG treasurer.

Organise payment of courses, merchandise etc.

Management of income from monthly meetings.


Program – Nev

Managing 12 month meeting program.

Organising chairpersons and presenters.

Liaison with Neighbourhood House for room bookings.

Management of meeting materials including banner, tea & coffee, name tags etc.


Comms – Samantha

Management of incoming and outgoing emails.

Maintenance of email list in Neon.

Management of communications on MRSG template to bee club members via Neon.

Input into website, Facebook.


Marketing – Matty B
Management of website and Facebook

Organising merchandise, flyers, banners etc.

Fundraising – Shelly (Safety Officer)
Management and execution of fundraising activities including hoodies, BBQs, badges etc.


Events and Courses – Emma and Nev
Running events including school visits, festivals, agricultural shows etc.

Manage use of honey bubble and presentation material including demonstration hives.

Management of bee keeping courses including teacher, venue, dates, attendees etc.

Maintenance of working with children register for the club.

Special Projects – Matt C and Matty B
Maintenance and improvements to honey bubble (inside and out).

Construction of demonstration hives (pack down, diseases).

Construction and installation of chimney hive including liaison with Permaculture Garden at Neighbourhood House.

Grievance Officer – Ross

Responding to any grievances from within the club or leadership team

Reporting outcome back to leadership team


Biosecurity Officers – Emma and Paul
Keeping the group up to date on biosecurity issues

Investigating and reporting of biosecurity risks

Ensuring club members are aware of biosecurity compliance requirements

Woodend Bee-Friendly Society – Leadership Team Charter


  1. The Leadership team will include a maximum of 10 members at any one time
  2. No decisions will be made without consultation with the Leadership team members
  3. Ultimate decision making rights rests with the appointed Group Leader
  4. Leadership team membership is by invitation only based on contribution, experience and cultural fit
  5. Invitations to prospective leadership team members to be agreed by Leadership team before going out
  6. The Leadership team reserves the right to run the club as they see fit
  7. Leaders are expected to uphold the club values of being bee-friendly and friendly towards each other (see extended values below)
  8. The Woodend Bee-Friendly Society will remain a sub-group of the MRSG and will not be incorporated. The leadership team must protect the Club from incorporation and/or Commercial takeover
  9. Any conflicts of interest must be raised before becoming a member of the leadership team
  10. There will be no bullying tolerated within the club. The definition of bullying is here. Any bullying will be addressed by the Leadership team via the appointed Grievance Officer