Beekeeping Suppliers

One of the aims of this Society is to promote local businesses.  The following are highly recommended places to buy your beekeeping equipment.

Barry McCahon Daylesford (03) 5348 2533

Barry has his own sawmill and makes pine supers and frames from timber felled on his property.  He also makes his own wax foundation.

McDonald’s Honey, Castlemaine, 03 54722842

Peter and Michelle McDonald are always very helpful with beekeeping supplies.

Jean-Pierre Mercader’s bluebees boards

“J” Beekeeping School Diggers Rest

We highly recommend that you join the “J” Beekeeping School in Diggers Rest.  For a nominal membership fee you can purchase beekeeping equipment from their store and attend informative beekeeping sessions every second Thursday of the month.  See

Whirrakee Woodware 138 McCreddons Road, Marong (03) 5435 2094

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