Woodend Bee-Friendly Society is an action group of the Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group (http://mrsg.org.au). Its members are mostly amateur beekeepers living in the Macedon Ranges and surrounding districts. The Society embraces many modes of beekeeping including Langstroth, with or without foundation, the Warre and Kenyan top bar hives, flow hives etc, provided that they comply with biosecurity regulations. The be(e) friendly term in our name is deliberately intended to emphasise the dual motivations of this group – being friendly to bees and being friendly to each other.

1476015_10153475274851040_8285279832103307581_nWe meet together at 3-4.30pm on the third Sunday of every month at the Woodend Neighbourhood House. Everyone is welcome to come, whether you are exploring beekeeping in the future, or are a novice with a hive or two, or whether you are a very experienced beekeeper. You will be made very welcome.

See us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/woodendbees/

Contact us by email at woodendbees@gmail.com

To receive regular emails from Woodend Bee-Friendly Society subscribe to https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/woodend-bees/join

Leadership Group Members

Emma Collins 0431 994 362 (Action Group Leader)

Matty Be 0407 808 123

Matthew Croatto 0417 313 002 (Swarm Management and Allocation Officer)

Nev Spiers

Paul Green 0437 751 120 (Bio-security Representative)

Ross Brierty (Grievance Officer)

Sally Scopel

Samantha Rixon

Shelly Andrews (Safety Officer)

WBFS values

Terms and Conditions for Participating in the WBFS Website and Facebook Group

  1. Users should exercise common sense and courtesy in submitting comments or materials for posting on the Website and or Facebook Group (“Submissions”). Inappropriate Submissions would include, for example, comments or materials that:
    1. make false or defamatory statements about others;
    2. are obscene, vulgar, abusive, hateful or threatening;
    3. harass or discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference or other factors;
    4. are invasive of the privacy rights of others (e.g., by including addresses, phone numbers or other personal information about third persons without their consent);
    5. are overly belligerent, pedantic, intolerant or provocative.
  2. Submissions may not include content or materials that violate the copyrights, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights of third parties.
  3. Submissions may not contain unauthorized disclosures of proprietary or confidential information.
  4. Users may not use the Website and or Facebook Group to promote or provide instructional information about illegal activities or for any purpose that may be illegal.
  5. Submissions may not include false or misleading representations of affiliation with any other person or entity. A User may not employ false identifiers to impersonate any person or entity or to misrepresent or disguise the true origin of any content.

Woodend Bee-Friendly Society reserves the right to monitor and administer the Website and or Facebook Group and, in their sole discretion, to remove any content posted. Woodend Bee-Friendly Society also reserve the right to disallow the use of any particular screen name or e-mail address, or to terminate any User’s posting privileges at any time, including individual and group postings.

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