Letter of thanks from Margaret Strong

Following the amazing presentation from Margaret Strong on her process of candle making from Bees wax, we received this beautiful letter that just had to be shared.

Hi Emma and team at Bee Friendly,

Thank you for asking me to share my candle making skills with your group last week. I had great fun and it has got me going on the candles again. Win/win!

What impressed me most that afternoon was the warmth and friendliness of your welcome and all the ways different ones of you were attentive to my needs throughout the afternoon. The friendly energy of your group is contagious and this is an ingredient I would like to add and multiply in every meeting anywhere. My husband Ron, who came just to support me, had a thoroughly good time and enjoyed all the presentations too.

I am overwhelmed by your spontaneous gift of the Swiss Bee House. It will meet my needs perfectly; supporting my move towards allowing nature to do all the work so that I can enjoy the fun parts of veggie gardening like harvesting and eating! Many of my vegetables are in a deep mulch food forest and I have had the most productive Winter ever. The bees will have plenty of work to do. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity. I have a position picked out for the bee house which has morning sun and where I will be able to observe it from the house. It is so beautiful it will be a constant delight.

I intend to be at your next meeting to see what else I can plant to keep native bees healthy and happy throughout the seasons.

Well done folks,



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