August meeting review

What a fantastic August Bee meeting we had, talking about “what to do with all that wax”

Firstly, with Woodend Bee Friendly Society celebrating its 4th Anniversary, Samantha took us on a brief history of the club.

Jim explained and presented his method of removing Bees wax from frames and his method of processing the wax so it can be cleaned of impurities and made into blocks.

Margaret then demonstrated her process of using Jim’s Bees wax to make candles and “shed a light” on different wicks and her working to find a balance between the perfect flame length and candle burning time.

Samantha, returned to talk about and share her personal tried and proven recipes for Bees wax lip balm, Bees wax wraps and threw in a Bees wax furniture polish for a questioning member.

I think all left wondering more about , where to get Bees wax as opposed to what to do with it.

Thanks everyone for sharing.

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