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Last Friday (25th August), WBFS members, Nev, Paul, and David, were invited by the Baringhup Landcare group to talk to the students of the local primary school about bees and their vital role in our food production. The kids had a great time and at the end of the day were very knowledgeable about the European Honeybee. They enjoyed Nev’s talk, doing the waggle dance, dressing up like a bee-keeper, and looking at the bees in the Observation Hive. The Honey Bubble caravan was also a great hit.

Adults from the Landcare group came and joined us for a second session in the evening and I think many came away having a greater sense of wonder at, and appreciation of, the humble honeybee and enthusiasm to put into action ways that they can promote honeybee welfare in their part of the world.

A hearty thanks for the terrific hospitality shown to us by the Baringhup Landcare group, especially Roy and Caroline and Col and Deb, who put on a delicious afternoon tea and bbq.