November Meeting

WBFS November Meeting (Woodend Neighbourhood House 3-4.30pm, Nov 20th).

At the final meeting of the year our special presenter, Woz, will take us Back to the Basics, looking at the fundamentals particularly from a natural beekeeping perspective. There will be quizzes and door prizes. This promises to be highly relevant not only to newbees but also will be very useful for those with a bit more experience.

To celebrate a very successful year for the Woodend Bee-Friendly Society please come and join us at Holgate’s Brewhouse after the meeting.

All good wishes
David Gormley-O’Brien

One thought on “November Meeting

  1. Hi David, It really saddens me that I am unable to get to the meetings to bee with like minded bee keepers. I do read Facebook posts though with is helpful. I will get there when I can. Wishing you and all kind regards,

    Bee friendly Dilys


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