What happens to you when you are stung by a bee?

An inevitable part of beekeeping is that we will inevitably be stung, in spite of whatever precautions we take. There are plenty of myths and questionable science floating about on the web, in books, and with some beekeepers, with regards to bee stings and their impact on the human body.

Professor Jean-Pierre Scheerlinck

However, if you are interested in the facts and up to date developments in medical knowledge about bee stings and their effects then you are cordially invited to the next Woodend Bee-Friendly Society meeting on 15th November, 3-4.30pm, at Woodend Neighbourhood House, where these topics will be addressed by Professor Jean-Pierre Scheerlinck, Director of the Centre for Animal Biotechnology at the University of Melbourne, and an expert in veterinary immunology. Equally importantly, Prof. Scheerlinck is himself a backyard beekeeper.

Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to hear this exciting and informative speaker on a subject that should concern all beekeepers.

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