Bee Talk – Djerriwarrh Community Education

The call went out. Cathleen Walters of Djerriwarrh Community Education Services Melton needed someone to discuss bees in the garden to the participants of her Gardening Basics course. Who was best qualified to talk under wet cement when it came to the subject of bees? Emma Collins and Nev Spiers stepped up to the challenge.

With script in hand, and laminated pictures, and hives, and suits, and smokers, and tools, and comb, and honey, and a full kit of stories they struggled onto the Gardening Basics classroom and confronted the captive audience. What a fun time Nev and Em had showing them the process of bees, how a hive works, how to set up a home hive, the inevitable story of stings and the horror pictures of what the rogue bees did when they got through that missile shield. Question time was well supported from the audience filling in the gaps in their presentation.

2015-03-01 12.27.42
Nev Spiers and Em Collins

Em and Nev had a lovely morning tea and a tour of the community centre’s gardening projects including recycling programs, composting and plant raising hothouse. The short presentation and refreshments lasted nearly two hours but time flew with an exciting subject and a receptive audience. Handouts were exchanged with advertising for J Beekeeping Festival and Woodend Bee Friendly Society swapped for the Gardening course details.  All up the informative morning was a success with gardening and the bees being the winners. Who will next be in Nev and Em’s sights for a lecture?

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